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New York Gypsy All Stars


Chandler Center for the Arts
250 N Arizona Ave 85225 Chandler United States
The New York Gypsy All Stars have created a truly original sound coming out of New York's iconic East Village. Led with Roma inspired zeal by classically trained Macedonian clarinet wonder Ismail Lumanovski, the group never loses its sharp musical focus, astounding chops and true spirit of their Gypsy namesakes. Chandler Center for the Arts is pleased to present this group described as a unique stew of traditional Euro-Turkish Gypsy music, seasoned liberally with jazz and funk. Gypsy music continues to move in exciting new directions with this multi-national band. Their music is full of complex rhythms and impressive group improvisations. We are taking what the Gypsies did, comments Lumanovski, traveling from India to the Balkans and on to Western Europe and putting together the best musical ideas from every nation along the way.